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FoxFlash – ECU / TCU Programozó / Chip tuning

392 913 Ft
Bruttó ár:
499 000 Ft

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FoxFlash Super ECU TCU Clone and Chip Tuning Tool ECU Programing Tool

What is foxFlash?

We’re proud to introduce you to foxFlash®, a new, unique and revolutionary tool for automotive professionals, tuners and engine calibration engineers.

foxFlash is a powerful solution developed for professional chiptuners, calibration engineers and control unit (ECU and TCU) repair shops. foxFlashR includes multi-method control unit programming for tuning ability. Designed by tuners, so you can get many of their support.

Since the foxFlash® is so much more than just an ECU programming tool, it simply can’t be compared to any traditional flash tool. Despite other tools how good, this is being good tools for read/write operations, we supply many important features, both on the developer side as in daily use. That is why we recommend foxFlashR.


  1. 100% Original
    2. Master version 
  2. Full protocols open
    4. Support Types: CAR, TRUCK, MOTORBIKE, TRACTOR, BOAT, Additional TCU package available for Automatic Transmissions.

    5. Support Five Mode: OBD, for BENCH, JTAG, BOOT, BDM
  3. VR read online work ( some  ecu need use our VR system , tool auto connect to ousr server donload file )
  4. ECU can be restore to original if your ecu was damage or  meet some bad tuning , use our tool can restore to original
  5. Free update. No subscription, no annual fee
    9. No VPN needed.Professional Online support, Faster server (1000M/S),.
    10. Supports WiFi hotspot, convenient for outdoor work
  6. Auto checksum 
  7. Online tech support 
  8. Help desk and tuner account 
  9. ECU and TCU connect wires with pdf 
  10. ECU and TCU connect wires with pdf
    16. Special functions
    17. Auto support eeprom and flash checksum 

    18. Support MEDC17 free clone service(most of others tool need patch the files after read out,but ours is free)
    19. Two Years Warranty
  11. Excellent technical support
    21. Software can be download on official website (contact us get it )
  12. Support Multi-language:Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian, Turkish

FoxFlash Software Compatible Operating Systems:

Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 10
Windows 11
Recommended minimum requirements:
CPU > 2.5 GHz (Intel i5, i7)
64 bits

FoxFlash Manager App V1.3.0:

The manager has been improved, and the foxflashR tool can now be used on a total of 6 computers without unbundling.

We strongly recommend users to use online mode. The reasons are as follows:

1. We can help you check if your file is correct online.
2. The autochecksum can work online check too.
3. It is safer.
4. The online mode can check if your modifying is correct. If not, we can help to solve the problem.
5. The online mode can auto VR read and write from our server, which mean you can get the original file, and we can help you recover or save

FoxFlash Supported Functions:not free service

ECU clone

TCU clone



Vmax off

Adblue and SCR off


Flaps OFF


gearbox data to adjust LC

sport display

immo off

dpf off

dtc off

GPF/OPF Removal

DPF Removal

EGR Removal

DTC Removal

ADBlue Removal

HOT Start Fix

IMMO Removal

Readiness Calibration

Flaps / Swirl Removal

TVA Removal

Sport Displays Calibration

Cold Start Noise Reduction

Kickdown Deactivation

StartStop Disable

MAF Removal

Speed Limiter Removal

Torque Monitoring Disable

Burbles Activation

Popcorn Activation

EVAP Removal

Exhaust Flap Removal

SAP Removal

AGS Removal


Lambda/O2 Removal

Launch Control

OBD Reading Protection

Boost Sensor Calibration

LC, AL and NLS for MED9.1

Checksum Fix

vmax, swirl off

restoring ECU or TCU factory setting service

VIN fix (EEPROM support checksum , so you can easy change VIN then write back )

Supported Winols damaos supply

As we all know,winols damaos and A2L is very expensive,we supply these to ours customer as free, so you can get it for chitpuning , dtc off, and so on


Supported Control Units
We believe a control units list can be considered as a more safe approach to correctly target the overall tuning procedure due to the fact that a lot of brands offer identical car models & versions that share different Control Unit types.

Please note that foxFlashR can help you select the right protocol with its auto-detection feature during identification on most control units.

FoxFlash Support Types:

1. CAR
6. Additional TCU package available for Automatic Transmissions.

Support 5 Modes and Full System

  1. OBD mode:(read the data from Diagnostic port ,you need remove the ecu or tcu from car or open the ecu box , just read everything from car, we also support obd vr read, we supply original file from our server, you can direct obd vr read it )
  2. BENCH mode:we also call it service mode,  you can use this mode clone or backup all ecu data, read the internal flash and external flash and eeprom data, so you can save a lot of money for clone ecu and tcu , you also can  clone tcu and chiptuning with this mode.
  3. Jtag mode:open the ecu , and wire it or use ours adapter connect ecu ways,some of denso ecu always need use this mode for read and write.
  4. Boot mode:open the ecu and always can backup everything , read the flash and eeprom , you can save some ecu cause your obd write failed, or some others reason cause the ecu dead.
  5. Full system:you can read and write by pinout for most of ecu and tcu.
  6. BDM mode:some of the ecu need read and write in bdm mode ,open the ecu and use ours adapter connect it.


Multiple Connection Methods:

1.Bench mode

2.Full system mode

3.Boot mode:

4.BDM mode

5.Gear box mode:


Package List:

1pc x master machine
1pc x fx bench box
1pc x usb cable
1pc x power adapter
1pc x fox box store over 10 adpaters
1pc x jtag and bdm cables
1pc x pen
1pc x notebook
1pc x suitcase
1pc x functions cable for boot, bench , kline links .
1pc x truck OBD cable
1pc x car OBD cable
1pc x papers box protect ship
1pc x install guide which write in a papers


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